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Getting the long_description in reStructuredText from your Markdown README

I write my README files for Python/GitHub projects in Markdown, which is quite easy and convenient. But the PyPi guidelines for projects require a README.rst file in “reStructuredText”. The file also has a field for a “long description”, which will get inserted on the Pypi project page,  see for example this one for NanoPlot.

By modifying the as I did I required all system to have pypandoc installed, to enable them to install my packages. So installations would fail without pypandoc installed. I just modified all my files 🙂

To avoid having to keep README.rst and in sync I searched a bit online and found a convenient solution: pypandoc for converting the on the fly to an rst format, as shown below with code which goes in your

The full from NanoPlot is shown below. If yo u have suggestions for improvement I would be happy to hear them!



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